Friday, 16 October 2015

Cheap lip products!

Whilst in superdrug today I came across some lipsticks from MUA and revolution which were £1 each! I tried and tested all of the lipsticks on the back of my hand, which resulted in my arm looking like a paint palette, but I eventually picked the ones I liked to try out at home. My first impressions are that they are a bit sticky on my lips and make my lips feel greasy which I  hate but for £1 I didn't expect the texture to be amazing. The colours themselves are a little weak and probably would go best over a lip liner. I only had a lip liner to match two of the lipsticks so that is why the other two look so weak. I am thinking about buying a white lip liner to use under these lipsticks as it will give them that extra pop without effecting the colour. 

From left to right; pouty pink-MUA, rebel with cause-Revolution, the one-revolution and peachy keen-MUA.

 I love the packaging as they look a bit like sleek lipsticks but have a little window on one side to show you the colour. This is quite handy in the morning when your rushing and just want to pick the colour you need straight away. I love the fact both sides are flat as it means I can stand them up in my drawer which i love as some lipsticks have curved edges and they're hard to stand up.


this picture was taken with the flash on

this picture was taken with the flash on.
Colour: my first impressions of the colour are good. The swatches on my am look pretty much identical to the colours in the little colour windows. One thing I would say is you need a few coats to get an actual strong, bold colour otherwise it just looks like a tinted lip balm rather than a lipstick. My favourite colour out of the four is rebel with cause as I think it is especially a good colour for this autumn weather.
Texture: the texture of these lipsticks is really greasy and so I had to blot it with a tissue to take some of the slipperiness away.
Appearance: It says these lipsticks are matte but only the two pink ones seem to be.
Quality: For £1 each these lipsticks are really good and I  would defo recommend them to anyone on a budget.l It is also good for trying daring shades out such as black or purple that you think may not suit you but you want to try out for cheap.

Does it stay? I would say this product stays for at least 3 hours without reapplying unless you eat or drink.

Below are the pictures of the colours on my lips.

rebel with cause, flash on, no lip liner used. 

the one, flash on, purple lip liner used. 

pouty pink, flash on, red lip liner used. 

peachy keen, flash on, no lip liner used.

overall I give this product a 7/10. This product is amazing value for money, has great staying power and the colour is really bold if you apply a few coats or use a lip liner.

thanks for reading feel free to leave comments :) x


  1. I was thinking about buying one of these, thanks for your opinion! :)

    1. thank you for your feedback, i would defo recommend these lip products x