Sunday, 29 November 2015

November favourites

November favourites!

hey guys, for today's blog post I thought it would be suitable to do a favourites post for this month. This month my favourites have mainly been make-up based including one high end dupe which I absolutely love!

My first favourite is a product I use for my eyebrows. Recently super drug introduced a new make up range called freedom. At first I was quite happy as they resembled the products of revolution but I was a bit unhappy with the prices. Some of the prices are cheap but you can get a similar product from revolution for cheaper. Overall I wouldn't recommend the brand but I think this particular product is unique and a good price for what it is. 

I never used to fill in my eyebrows because it used to look to harsh. But this powder is the perfect colour for my eyebrow and fills them out, making them look more defined, without making them look to dark or drawn on. I use the lighter colour for the start of my eyebrows as I think the darker colour looks too dark at this part of my eyebrow. Using the darker colour at the middle and ends of my eyebrow it gives my eyebrow a sort of ombre look without looking weird (I promise).

The next product in my favourites is something I am so happy to now own. Ever since I started wearing make up I always wanted a mac lipstick and the other day I purchased not one, but two! I'm in love. I also read up about the deal mac are doing if you give them six empty lipstick boxes you get a free lipstick. The deal is called back 2 mac and is defo worth doing for you mac lovers out there!

The lipstick on the right is matte honey love and its a gorgeous nude. The one issue with this product is that it would only suit fairer skinned people so if when I have a tan I wouldn't be able to wear it sadly. The lipstick on the left is called matte diva and its a beautiful deep red colour perfect for the winter. I love this shade and will be wearing it a lot for winter. It looks really nice on any colour skin and especially suits people with blue, grey or green eyes(aka me my eye colour is weird). 

My next two favourites are both concealers from the same brand. Benefit is my favourite high end make up brand. I have so many products from benefit but recently I have been using two of the concealers they have. 
 The two concealers are the boing concealer in shade 01 and erase paste concealer in shade no.1. however I brought the erase paste from america and I believe the shade is darker than the English version. I'm not sure if that's true or not but it looks considerably dark for a shade one. The erase paste is good but sometimes it can sit in the creases of my skin and you can see the product sitting on my face. I think with a fresh clean proper concealer brush this would blend better. This is brilliant for covering under eye circles and spots. when I use bronzer all over my face I use this product. The boing concealer blends a bit better and is better for everyday use when I have no foundation on to cover my spots. I would defo recommend both these concealers as a two in one for under eye brightening and covering spots. 

A couple of months ago I purchased the smashbox studio skin foundation. After it had ran our quite a bit I decided I needed another foundation. I was going to buy another smashbox but after thinking about it I realised I couldn't afford the £30 again at the time and stumbled across a dupe for the estee lauder double wear. Revlon colourstay. It was £12 and decided to give it a try and fell in love. 
The only issue I have with this product is that it doesn't have a pump. So once my smashbox had finished I transferred it across to the bottle so I could use the pump. The foundation itself gives build-able coverage. I usually use around three coats to really cover my imperfections but one coat would be enough to give light coverage. If you was thinking of buying a smashbox or estee lauder foundation I would defo save your money and buy the revlon colour stay instead. 

Thanks for reading, georgia xx

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